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How shapewear will help with your postpartum journey

How soon after giving birth can I wear shapewear?

Giving birth is one of the most miraculous things your body will ever do. However, your body changes and optimal support throughout the process of healing and recovery post-pregnancy is imperative.

We offer a range of medical-grade, postpartum girdles, waist trainers, and underwear for you as a new mother to get back in shape and nurture your body through the recovery process.

Our ranges of Postpartum and Post-Surgical Shapewear have been designed in collaboration with surgeons to address your specific needs after pregnancy whether you have given birth naturally or through a C-Section procedure.

Our postnatal compression garments are specially developed to sculpt your body so that you can regain strength and confidence following your child's birth. While your body is prone to swelling, sensitivity, and discomfort, our postpartum shapewear is purposefully designed to provide maximum support and compression in needed areas. The garments mold to your curves where needed while being comfortable enough for everyday use helping you to look and feel your best.

We work with medical professionals to assist women after giving birth with finding the perfect shapewear, which provides additional support in the recovery process. 


The Faja Colombiana Open Bust Knee Length Firm Postpartum Tummy Tucking Full Bodysuit Shaper is the most recommended garment by us. It features high compression, a topless design, high back coverage, reinforced-ultra-flat seams, adjustable straps with removable cushions, 4 hooks and eye closure, no ride-up stretch lace trim, and a removable thong on the gusset.


  • Choose Your Own Compression Shapewear 
  • Made of high resistance & durability, breathable PowerNet fabric
  • Shapes and controls the abdomen, hips, legs, and buttocks.
  • Provides rear natural enhancement.
  • Smooths bulges and correct posture.
  • Molds and stylizes the figure.
  • Unnoticeable under clothing. 
  • Reinforced seams for a smooth look and contemporary cuts for an hourglass figure.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite and boosts weight loss results.
A C-Section Girdle that was engineered with the latest technology to decrease post-op discomfort. It helps regenerate skin cells, improves skin tone and muscles, minimizes scarring, and bruising, prevents liquid retention and stimulates lymph and blood circulation.
This Colombian Faja is highly recommended by surgeons as a Compression Garment for Postpartum, Post-Liposuction, Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty), BBL, Orthopaedic, and C-Section recovery.



Our Booty Lifting Knee Length Faja Tummy Tucking Full Body Shaper with Zip and Hook is also a popular piece among knee-length pieces. The midsection and back control offers the 360* fit from top to the bottom. This garment has permanent thicker traps to create extra support. It will firmly flatten the tummy and reshapes your figure after pregnancy.  


  • Stabilizes and supports your hip and thigh muscles
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Boosts weight loss results.
  • Decreases post-op discomfort
  • Minimizes scarring, swelling and bruising.
  • High on back to control bulges and correct posture
  • Open gusset for practical use.
  • Braless design for easy access when baby needs you. 
  • Natural butt lift effect.
  • Ultra-flat front zipper with interior hook and eye closure ensures an invisible look under clothing.
  • Reinforced seams that define your curves. 
  • Postpartum / Post-Surgical / everyday use.

This Shaping Bodysuit is ideal as an undergarment for a night out, simply because sits discreetly under tight-fitted outfits.


 Our Best-Selling Faja Colombiana! 

This Extra Short Strapless Colombian Faja Body Shaper for Women with Butt Lifter is highly recommended by surgeons as a compression Girdle for Postpartum and Post-Surgery recovery. Specifically designed to increase blood flow and speed up the recovery process. 

It has a high level of control to create an instant slimming effect. Visibly reduces inches in the back, waist, abdomen, hips and thighs. 
This piece is suitable for shorts and tiny dresses and is very comfortable for everyday wear. a body shaper that fits any figure and goes unnoticed under clothing.


  • Reshapes your figure instantly.
  • Invisible under clothing.
  • Offers extra firm tummy control.
  • Buttocks natural enhancement for a rounder look.
  • Outlines, shapes, and boosts attributes.
  • Non-Slip, Non-Roll technology.
  • Helps regenerate skin cells.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Boosts weight loss results.
  • Decreases post-op discomfort.
  • Prevents liquid retention
  • Minimizes scarring, swelling and bruising.
  • Stimulates lymph and blood circulation.
  • Improves skin tone and muscles.


When your body is healed and you are looking forward to getting back into exercise, we highly recommend our Waist Training Latex Collection. They are designed with thermogenesis technology to work immediately with minimum effort. The targeted compression strengthens core muscles and the highly resistant fabrics absorb sweat to guarantee all-day comfort and total control. This is why New Moms like you love them!



Here’s how our Postpartum / Post-Surgery Garments will contribute to your postpartum journey:

1) Stabilises Abdomen

Postpartum shapewear will assist your body in healing properly. Think of it this way - when you get a cut on your finger, it will heal eventually. It may take a while, it may get infected and you may have a small scar when it does. If you put a bandage on it, your cut won’t be exposed to bad bacteria that could infect it, and the bandage pulls the edges of your skin together. When it does finally heal, with the bandaid, you probably won’t have a scar and it will heal a little faster because it wasn’t fighting particles. That is kind of how our Compression Girdles work. It makes it easier to walk around and exercise your muscles without pain, and it holds your stomach in place so it can heal properly.

2) Recovery

Postpartum Garments stimulate lymph and blood flow through the abdomen, which helps the body naturally recover damaged tissue and prevents liquid retention.

Wearing compression garments daily will help firm any loosened ligaments and improve the muscles' retraction in the abdominal wall. The Postpartum Fajas gently compress your pelvic floor and low back, which corrects and maintain your posture as you get used to your body after pregnancy. 

3) 4 Levels of Compression

Our Postpartum Shapewear provides 4 levels of compression that aid your uterus is shrinking back down to its normal size. 

4) Confidence 

Postpartum Garments and Waist Trainers will lift, smooth, and slim your silhouette and make your clothes look their best on you. Getting that confidence boost every day is crucial to staying on track with your slim-down journey and maintaining a healthy attitude during what can be a stressful time postpartum. When we love what we see in the mirror, we feel that boost of confidence and we then feel unstoppable. Feeling good about yourself just makes life easier - even Postpartum recovery seems less daunting.

4) Motivation

Shapewear assists you in a very difficult part of your life - they help you visualize your goals because you can literally see your slimmer shape in the mirror. When you can see what is possible to achieve, your goals start feeling more attainable, and this can be super motivating and helpful when you have so much on your mind postpartum. As mentioned before, our  Faja Colombiana Open Bust Knee Length Firm Postpartum Tummy Tucking Full has 4 hook eye closure for customized compression with refreshing Nylon lining for comfort. How does this help motivate you? As you continue to slim down in the months after giving birth, you can keep adjusting your shapewear and your goals!

Aids C-Section Recovery

Postpartum Shapewear will aid C-section recovery. If you have had a C-section not only are your muscles healing but your skin and tissue are too. This can cause a lot of pain and longer the healing process. 

Using a postpartum compression garment helps reduce the pressure on your incision, and prevents your stitches from snagging on clothing. According to one study in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetricsa high majority of women had less pain while using a postpartum compression garment after their C-section incisions.

Supports Lower Back

Finally, in addition to supporting your abdomen, postpartum shapewear also supports your lower back. This support works to relieve pain and benefits your posture. This also prevents you from making any moves that could potentially cause more harm to your abdomen, such as twisting or stretching too far.



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